Element-51's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 416 (From 89 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 5,180 Points


Medals Earned: 6/8 (80/185 points)

Booted up this shit!! 5 Points

Play the game

Red as my blood 5 Points

Play as Redcon

Cozy place 10 Points

Finish a level and enter the item room

What's new mate!! 5 Points

Talk to Shackler

FUCK 5 Points


Wack Attack 50 Points

Defeat the first boss

**splat sound effect** 5 Points

Play as Pigeon

Kitchen Explosion 100 Points

Defeat Chef Allison B.

A Shiny Minecraft tale

Medals Earned: 3/4 (15/25 points)

Battle Ready 5 Points

Superior Weapons

Mining Tools 5 Points

Proper tools for a proper job

Suit up 5 Points

Superior Diamond armour

DiamondHunter extraordinaire 10 Points

Hunting diamonds is childs play

Arsenal Online

Medals Earned: 2/8 (10/255 points)

Kills I 5 Points

Get 10 kills

Headshots I 5 Points

Get 10 headshots

Kills II 10 Points

Get 100 kills

Kills III 25 Points

Get 1,000 kills

Headshots II 10 Points

Get 100 headshots

Headshots III 50 Points

Get 1,000 headshots

Expert 100 Points

Earn 4 stars for all game modes

Royalty 50 Points

Prestige your profile

Awaken 2: Rise of Heroes

Medals Earned: 1/9 (5/165 points)

Beginners Luck 5 Points

Start the Game

First Blood 5 Points

Finish Tutorial

Intelligent 10 Points

Reach level 10 intellect

Professional 10 Points

Reach level 20 with a soldier

Sniper 10 Points

Kill 50 enemies with ranged weapons

Bully 25 Points

Kill 50 enemies with melee weapons

Specialist 25 Points

Use each weapon from the game at least once

Survivor 25 Points

Complete half the waves

The End 50 Points

Finish the game

Bandits & Barbarians

Medals Earned: 2/35 (10/245 points)

Welcome to B&B! 5 Points

Played Bandits & Barbarians for the first time

Peasant Girl 5 Points

Unlocked Peasant Girl!

Rank Silver 10 Points

Reach Silver Rank in Competitive

Rank Gold 25 Points

Reach Gold Rank in Competitive

Rank Diamond 50 Points

Reach Diamond Rank in Competitive

Red Knight 5 Points

Unlocked Red Knight!

Blue Knight 5 Points

Unlocked Blue Knight!

Green Knight 5 Points

Unlocked Green Knight!

Orange Knight 5 Points

Unlocked Orange Knight!

Grey Knight 5 Points

Unlocked Grey Knight!

Fencer 5 Points

Unlocked Fencer!

Beekeeper 5 Points

Unlocked Beekeeper!

Peasant 5 Points

Unlocked Peasant!

Skeleton 5 Points

Unlocked Skeleton!

Green Princess 5 Points

Unlocked Green Princess!

Blue Princess 5 Points

Unlocked Blue Princess!

Pink Knight 5 Points

Unlocked Pink Knight!

Alien 5 Points

Unlocked Alien!

Eskimo 5 Points

Unlocked Eskimo!

Industrialist 5 Points

Unlocked Industrialist!

Brute 5 Points

Unlocked Brute!

Snakey 5 Points

Unlocked Snakey!

Saracen 5 Points

Unlocked Saracen!

Royal Guard 5 Points

Unlocked Royal Guard!

Stove Face 5 Points

Unlocked Stove Face!

Cone Head 5 Points

Unlocked Cone Head!

Red Princess 5 Points

Unlocked Red Princess!

Blacksmith 5 Points

Unlocked Blacksmith!

Hatty 5 Points

Unlocked Hatty!

Necromancer 5 Points

Unlocked Necromancer!

King 5 Points

Unlocked King!

Bear 5 Points

Unlocked Bear!

Fire Demon 5 Points

Unlocked Fire Demon!

Ninja 5 Points

Unlocked Ninja!

Tricky 5 Points

Unlocked Tricky!

Binding of Isaac DEMO

Medals Earned: 4/5 (110/160 points)

Basement 10 Points

kill the first boss

Master of Sins 25 Points

find and kill a miniboss

Money well spent 25 Points

buy somethign in the shop

Cave 50 Points

Kill the second boss

Secret room 50 Points

find it

Bird Tapper & the Great Krampusnacht Cleansing

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/405 points)

So tender and mild 5 Points

Start playing

Deck the halls 25 Points

Defeat Fruitcake

Figgy pudding 25 Points

Defeat Eggnog

Jingle bell rock 50 Points

Defeat Gingerbread

Five golden rings 50 Points

Save all the Pups

Dashing through the snow 50 Points

Beat the game without dying

Joy to the world 100 Points

Beat the game in under 6 minutes

Rockin around 100 Points

Beat the game without healing

Bird Up

Medals Earned: 2/11 (10/200 points)

First Jump 5 Points

Jump for the first time

Time for a book 5 Points

Reach the library

I DID IT!!! 50 Points

Finish the game

Speedrunner 0 Points

Finish the game in under 5 minutes

Jump a hundred times 25 Points

Jump a hundred times in one session

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Even Faster 50 Points

Finish the game in under 15 minutes

Just one more minute 0 Points

Spend one hour in a run

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Get me out of here! 10 Points

Spend 15 minutes in one Area

Jump King 0 Points

Finish the game in less than 90 jumps


Medals Earned: 2/3 (55/80 points)

Welcome to the Island 5 Points


Work Week 50 Points

Survive 5 Nights

Levi Ramirez 25 Points

Find Levi Ramirez


Medals Earned: 5/15 (75/480 points)

Defeated Phantom 5 Points

Defeated Level One Mini Boss

Defeated Wasp 10 Points

Defeated Level One Mini Boss 2

Defeated Shellhead 25 Points

Defeated Level One Boss

Defeated HellStream 10 Points

Defeated Level Two Mini Boss

Level 1 Complete 25 Points

Completed Level 1

Defeated Judge 10 Points

Defeated Level Two Mini Boss 2

Defeated Starship 25 Points

Defeated Level Two Boss

Defeated Pincer 10 Points

Defeated Level Three Mini Boss

Defeated Hunter 25 Points

Defeated Level Three Mini Boss 2

Defeated Seer 50 Points

Defeated Level Three Boss

Level 2 Complete 50 Points

Completed Level 2

Level 3 Complete 100 Points

Completed Level 3

Normal Mode Complete 10 Points

Complete the game on Normal Mode

Hard Mode Complete 25 Points

Completed the game on Hard Mode

Boss Rush Complete 100 Points

Beat the Boss Rush Mode