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This is peak content. It reminds me of those YTP sketches.

This series had a lot potential too bad that you cancelled it. At least we got to see Descent 2 even if you are not happy with the final result we still appreciate your effort.
I loved this series for its charm and how it features a lot of weapons from Cold war era. I personally don’t see how people see this as message against Russians, there’s a lot of movies and video games that portray Russians as ”Bad guys” this shows how ignorant some typologies of people can be.

For something created in 2006. This is so lit!

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It is alright. It reminds me of those military themed flash games i've played as a kid.
it's art style and gameplay resemble it one of such.
Definitely worth giving it a try!

Good enough. Played this since it come out.
The typical Slavic post apocalyptic theme presented in the game reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R series.
Mentioning about the sprites made me think this is a love letter to ”Dead Ahead Warfare”. It is like two opposives polar merged together into one.
I find it unfair that it has no checkpoints, at least a save and load feature. Since after you die you need to start from scratch making progressing through campaign mode harder.

I've never been interested in those type of RPG games. But this one is exceptional.
I love your take of 3D environment and 2D battle initiative when you engage in a hostile encounter.
That is what caught my eye, the fact that it is unique compared with most indie Earthbound inspired titles, in my opinion.
Let's hope this masterpiece will arrive one day on other gaming platforms such as Steam.
Since it is worth playing it!

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From minecraft noteblocks to Djjaner vibes. Absolute awesome!

Anthem of incognito mode.

Amazing remix of calliope. This song is such a banger!

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Desert fox strikes again.

For a beginner you draw good. It is cool how you illustrated design of his robe.

RykerG responds:

thanks! <3

An element that always follow its goals. No matter what stands in front of him.



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